IOSSI is a Polish brand of natural and organic cosmetics, known for their award-winning recipes and beautiful, natural fragrances. IOSSI formulas tested for sensitive skin, support everyday care of demanding, often exposed to urban environmental pollution skin. They contain high concentrations of active ingredients that stimulate skin cell activity. IOSSI uses the synergy of the highest quality botanical extracts and essential oils which leave the skin radiant and content. The cosmetics are sustainably produced in the brand’s own laboratory. Packed in glass they represent a message that IOSSI proudly sends to the world: living in harmony with nature is an adventure worth experiencing, also on your skin!

IOSSI’s goal is not to be the best cosmetic company in the world, but for the world. We believe that by consciously managing our resources now, we will positively impact the lives of future generations. An honest, sustainable business is a force that can make a real difference. Therefore, we require from ourselves first and foremost, but we also promote ethical solutions outwards. Our own laboratory allows us to control IOSSI’s development at every stage of production, storage and shipping of our products.

IOSSI’s mission is to create effective, natural cosmetics for all skin types, especially sensitive and demanding. Products that bring pleasure to the skin and delight the senses. We want your daily home rituals to comfort you in the morning and at night

We have a few favorite quotes that guide our actions. One of them is is:

Be the change you want to see in the world


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IOSSI. Cosmetics perfect by nature.

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